Race To The Taps Postponed

While the Mix 96.5 Race to the Taps events for March and April 2020 have been postponed, they will be rescheduled later in the year, for a full four-race series of 5k’s at area breweries.

Combine the power of a radio campaign with face-to-face marketing. Your business can still be part of excitement.  See the action below, and contact Dawn Creasman at 828-259-9695 to get involved.

Mix 96.5 Race To The Taps @ Sierra Nevada Mills River

5k in 90 seconds: a rapid run through Saturday's Mix Race to the Taps at Sierra Nevada Mills River with Harry's On The Hill Asheville, NC. Get in on our next beer run at Archetype Brewing.

Posted by Mix 96.5 on Sunday, April 28, 2019