Animal Rescue Is Pet Project for Camp Bow Wow & Mix 96.5

Camp Bow Wow South Asheville is a place where they treat your babies like their own. Did you know that in addition to being the area’s premiere dog board and day care facility, Camp Bow Wow also fosters dogs in need of forever homes?

Asheville Radio Group developed an ongoing on-air and online campaign, Ken & Jordan’s Critters, featuring Ken & Jordan from the Mix 96.5 afternoon show. Every two weeks, Avery from Camp Bow Wow brings in a pet she and her staff are fostering from Rusty’s Legacy. In addition to on-air promotions during that time on Mix 96.5, a video featuring each pet is hosting on the Asheville Radio Group digital network, and promoted on our social media channels.[0]=68.ARDCFXRWXXwdrEUkSOHbgqE8M9wElizwphYQCAoCoUi2J4LTZJjV0pfmG_BPyg2quaUkiyUTH0eEygZCW8BLHS8GAvxwnyeGJ8w1ftIv9ng4b4BeYGcGyy_SRhzhIegH0jHdiBlueqvcxEYLMlnm0b8nLooTcZC8rqPkACAbIlomhaPDPVHV0fbI2gLiSIgwcElFm_Huu_xIXwzlr3rrXdHI9O02lc-Y76TEqNtqQQeonKvD-ogtyan9IjvAN2T6Xq23WqPKu1iJX2bTJQC4V8IK3UfDZDJKFJ88ZU21CoIwCJ8UzUnxwNlYwCSj1cVEQLp3TLbNMieJX2NhaRUgmfr7JdkA6Xg0-vl5cA

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