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Every local business owner knows she needs to achieve Top of Mind Awareness among consumers in Western North Carolina, but many are confused about the most effective and cost-efficient way to do so.

Top of Mind Awareness is best described as “BEING KNOWN BEFORE YOU’RE NEEDED”. Start by asking yourself a simple question…as a business owner, what percentage of consumers in WNC currently think of your business first when considering the purchase of the product or service you sell? If your competitors are currently being thought of first, their “mind share” is costing your business “market share”, which is, of course, costing you money!

Next, ask yourself this question: what percentage of local consumers will need your product or service this year? [Here’s an eye opener: even if the answer is only 1%, that means that nearly 7,000 people will be in YOUR market this year!] The answer to this question is your “potential”. Knowing your potential is the key to measuring your business’ growth and advertising success. Too many businesses measure their success by growth over previous year. Consider this: even a mere 1% growth in total market share is always greater than a 15-20% growth in an individual business’ year-over-year revenue.

Many business owners want to achieve Top of Mind Awareness as cost-efficiently as possible. If you think a no cost, no obligation opportunity to learn more about how the Top of Mind Awareness concepts of Reach, Frequency, Consistency and a Compelling Message can help your business “BE KNOWN BEFORE ITS NEEDED” among a much larger percentage of local consumers, please plan to attend our next Marketing Makeover Series presentation on Thursday, August 14th, from 12 noon to 1pm, hosted by Garry Brown, CRMC, and Director of Sales for Asheville Radio Group. Lunch will be provided. Call Garry Brown to RSVP at 828-210-8597, or email to gbrown@avlradio.com.